Dot Pad

The first real-time tactile graphics display for the visually impaired

On the picture there is a Dot Pad display from a top view.

Dot Pad

Instantly converts any graphic assets into tactile information, enabling real-time access to visual content.

Real time icon


Unlike existing solutions, Dot Pad provides output with real-time refreshing cells, allowing users to consume more dynamic content than ever before.

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Dot Pad can be connected to the iPhone or iPad with a simple Bluetooth or USB-C connection. No extra installations required.

Dual Display icon

Dual Display

Dot Pad has two areas for graphics and text, giving users the opportunity to seamlessly switch between different types of content.

Integration icon


Dot Pad works with iOS screenreader VoiceOver to detect and convert graphic assets into tactile output for the cells.

Image explorer icon

Image Explorer

The buttons on the Dot Pad allows users to go into the details of the image with options to invert, zoom, and pan.

Image Processing icon

Image Processing

Edge Detection through VoiceOver is used to convert graphic assets into tactile output for the cells.

Dot Actuators icon

Dot Actuators

Dot Pad’s cells are powered by the innovative Dot actuator technology: ten times smaller, lighter, and more energy efficient than conventional devices.

"Because a picture is worth a thousand words".

On the picture there is a workplace featuring peoples hands on the white table interacting with the Dot Pad


By making productivity apps accessible, Dot Pad creates whole new career opportunities and a more inclusive workplace.

On the picture there is a woman drawing a square on the IPad. Next to her there is man holding a Dot Pad with the square displayed on the graphic area.


Dot Pad gives the low vision community access to maps, diagrams, charts, and other illustrations, allowing easy access to content on the internet.

On the picture there are womens hands interacting with the Dot Pad and another connected device.


Dot Pad is a powerful tool for creative expression, empowering diverse creators in the fields of graphic design, music production, photography, and more.

On the picture there are two hands touching the Dot Pads graphic display.


Artworks, exhibits, comics, and movies. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the world of content that is now accessible through the Dot Pad.

Dot Pad 

Displays any visual content thanks to Al and presents it most accurately on atactile display of 2,400 dots. 

Product Specification

Dot Actuator 3.0

Patented actuator technology based on electromagnetism

iOS & iPadOS Integration

Works seamlessly with iOS/iPad OS 15.2 and higher

Dot Image Processor

An AI based processor that renders the most meaningful tactile output

Intuitive Control Elements

Take control of the content with six freely assignable buttons

Dot Image Explorer

Explore, zoom, pan, invert, and rotate content directly on device


Classic USB-C and and Bluetooth LE for power supply and data transfer

On the picture there is a detailed description of the Dot Pads hardware, such as function keys, panning keys, 300-cell graphic display, 20-cell text braille display, led status indicator, power switch, USB-C (Power)