Dot by dot, we connect the world of visually impaired

About us

We will help you reach your goals and introduce your product to the world of assistive technologies. We bridge new products with the visually impaired through our high-quality partner dealer network across Europe, which consists of 103 active resellers

How can we help you?


Do you have a product which can improve the quality of life of visually impaired or blind people? But you don’t know how to distribute it? No worries, we are here to share our know how.


Matapo is ready to help you with localization of all product materials, including legal materials and guides. We work with professionals all around Europe.                                

Marketing Support

Do you need any marketing support? Create leaflets or online banners for many different countries? No problem, we are prepared to help you with all respect to your corporate identity.

Customer Care

We will provide comprehensive customer care maintenance to local distributors to make your entry to the European market smooth and easy.                                                                                    

Team of Professionals

Sales Team

Jan Šimík

Elisabeth Ortelt
Business Development Manager

Kamila Tljašová
Business Development Manager

Lorna Straka
Business Development Manager

Kamil Korotnoky
Business Development Manager

Marketing & Operations 

Lucie Nožičková
Marketing Manager

Kristýna Savaryová
People eXperience Manager

Martina Skalská
Operations Manager

UX Team

Lukáš Chvátal
UX Team Manager

Michal Jelínek
UX Consultant

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